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From Tuesday 25 to Friday September 28, 2012
Portal del Lago Hotel, Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba Argentina

Gob. Alvarez esq. J.L. de Cabrera
Villa Carlos Paz- Cordoba – Argentina (5152)
Tel/Fax: (54-3541) 424931/32 – 427772 – 423438


Preinscripción: NO EXISTE MÁS*
Inscripción: del 1 de junio al 31 de julio
Envío de resúmenes: del 1 de julio al 31 de julio
Pedido de ayuda económica:** del 1 de julio al 31 de julio

* Que no exista más la preinscripción significa que al inscribirte estamos suponiendo que participarás. Si después de inscripto resolvés no participar, tené a bien ser educado y solidario avisándonos con antelación tu intención de desinscribirte.

** La ayuda económica está limitada a becarios de doctorado, posdoctorado y alumnos de grado avanzados.

From July 30 to August 3, 2012
Hostal Cruz Chica, La Cumbre Córdoba, Argentina

The school aims to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and aims to generate research groups in biomathematics. The overall theme of the School shall mathematical modeling in biology. More specifically, the mathematical aspects of computational biology.

One of the main barriers to interdisciplinary work are the different languages ​​and cultures. We hope that living for ten days of researchers from different backgrounds, with a significant number of people who are leaders in biomathematics research, result in a rapprochement between them, allowing the crossing of disciplinary boundaries. This may be new teams and will boost the cooperation between them. Moreover, young doctors and graduate students can get excited to pursue new lines of research through the exposure of much interest in mathematical biology, attending lectures, interactive workshops and seeing direct contributions of mathematics to biology.

More information: BIOMAT site

In honor of Prof. Horatio S. Wio at its 65 th anniversary
From 2 to May 4, 2012. La Falda, Córdoba.

As in previous editions, the main aim of the conference is to achieve integration and exchange of ideas between researchers in both Argentina and neighboring countries on issues of statistical mechanics and condensed matter. On this tenth anniversary of TREFEMAC, consistent with the spirit of camaraderie that characterizes it, we are pleased to pay tribute to Prof. Horacio S. Wio at its 65 anniversary, giving recognition to his scientific work and his contribution to the development of physics in Argentina.

Place of meeting:
The meeting will be held at La Falda, Córdoba.

Importants Dates:

  • Pre-registration: from 01/10/2011 to 31/12/2011.
  • TREFEMAC 2012: from 02/05/2012 to 04/05/2012.

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